Dr. Anna "Analog" Venus

Supergenius Nanite Cloud


A highly intelligent woman, Dr. Anna Venus completed her doctorate program in archaeology at the University of Toronto in near record time. In her undergraduate years, Dr. Venus minored in micro biology as she has a fascination with the spread of disease in the ancient world. While a student, her aversion to using technological devices earned her the nickname “Analog”.

Her love of ancient civilizations took her to a dig site in Syria in early 2006. During the excavations, her team discovered an odd artifact that didn’t quite fit with the usual findings from Mesopotamian culture. As we know from movies, local help can never be trusted. Little did the research team know, this was proven case in point by one of the local workers selling a photo of the artifact that day. As these things inevitably go, the picture fell into the Wrong Hands [group to be defined].

That night, Dr. Venus stayed up late investigating the artifact. She managed to accidentally trigger the object, and found out the hard way that it was a container for alien nanites. Just as members of the Wrong Hands found their way to the tent holding the artifact, the nanites were released from their container and inhaled by by Dr. Venus. As soon as they entered the organic body en masse, they began to replicate using the materials of the container and Dr. Venus’ own tissues. The Wrong Hands fled at Dr. Venus’ screams as she was being torn apart cell by cell from the inside out. Witnesses in the research camp assumed that the artifact was stolen by the Wrong Hands and that Dr. Venus passed out from terror. All the Wrong Hands know is that they didn’t obtain the artifact and it’s Dr. Venus’ fault.

Dr. Venus returned to Toronto, vaguely aware that something had happened to her. For weeks she was disoriented and reclusive. Friends and relatives put it up to post traumatic stress disorder.

When she accidentally shorted out her coffee maker and almost destroyed her apartment, it became evident that Dr. Venus was no longer normal. The nanites greatly enhanced her already considerable intelligence, and through a couple more weeks of reclusiveness and introspection, she began to figure herself out. The alien technology was meant to be controlled telepathically by the alien race that created them. As Dr. Venus was not at the time a telepath and a millenia of improper storage had caused a minor malfunction in the nanites which caused them to gravitate to the closest organic being, her actual body was completely destroyed. A subconscious survival instinct either in part of the nanites, Dr. Venus or both, has resulted in the nanites maintaining her humanoid form as the nanites have interpreted Dr. Venus’ view of herself. To Dr. Venus’ chagrin, she is now taller, more blonde, perpetually in stiletto heels and has bigger breasts. On the up side, she has gained some interesting powers.

The discovery and refinement of these new found powers led to a brief attempt at vigilante justice in February 2008. The whole encounter was overall a success, but unfortunately Dr. Venus does not have a flair for the heroic and felt acutely embarrassed. Matters were compounded when the Fisher Trust arrived on the scene and turned out to be much more efficient. Happily, this led to Dr. Venus joining the Trust, however she generally doesn’t like to talk about it.

Dr. Venus continues to study herself extensively in her spare time, which has unfortunately resulted in a requirement to learn and utilize technology. In the past three or so years she has discovered she can write programs for her nanites to accomplish more complicated tasks. Small, controlled actions remain her greatest difficulty, as most evidenced by her constantly shifting eye colour.

Dr. Anna "Analog" Venus

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