The Fisher Trust

The Fisher Trust is one of three branches of a secret Canadian organization of supernals, along with The Robson Trust and La Groupe Bucher. It is based out of the University of Toronto with a mandate to investigate and police supernal-based problems in Eastern Canada. They are one of the founding organizations that make up the World Metaphysics Alliance.

The group was founded in 1918 by Canadian scientist, Thomas Fisher, in the wake of the Halifax Explosion as a means to prevent further supernal-caused disasters from happening. Since then it has become directly funded by the Canadian Government and the WMA. The Trust is made up from a number of mundanes and 5 supernals (the PCs).

The Fisher Trust of the early 21st century has invested a great deal of time and money into researching new technologies. Nexia’s biosteel spidersilk research is one such technology that Mr. Fisher is particularly proud of.

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The Fisher Trust

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