The Fisher Trust

Game 8

The group are on an air plane set to the island of Japan and are bored. Very bored. It turns out they have been commissioned by the Japanese Spiritual Society to help them with a problem of supernal nature. Dr. Anna “Analog” Venus has been loaned out to another Trust to work on the intelligence gathering needed to find the location of F.l.o.r.a., and is not in attendance of the group. After a 16 hour trip across the ocean, they finally land at the Narita airport.

Jack is sure that people are after him and disguises himself as a pervert, but it draws attention rather than making him inconspicuous. The airport is full of large screens blaring commercials and music at them, including a poppy mix by a young woman. While getting their luggage they are greeted by a high pitched voice from across the terminal. A young woman, dressed in full schoolgirl uniform introduces herself as Mei, and says she is here to pick them up along with Content Not Found: hiroshi, a GIANT dog named Inu no Anzu, and a standoffish woman named ‘Utau’.

They are taken to the society’s center, which is a lot more high-tech than their Canadian friends, and are greeted by the JSS’s head, Ms. Mara (wherein there is some debate if she is a womanly man, or a manly woman). She tells the group that they have been hired to help them locate the head Priest of a local temple and his daughter ‘Yuki’ who have been kidnapped from the Hoono-ji temple. Not only that, but they have to take care as there has been a rash of Japanese spirit who have been showing themselves (against the code of the JSS) in public. They are then taken to their hotel and told they will be woken up by Mei and Hiroshi in the morning.

Game 7

The Dragon flies just out of reach and lands on one of the compound’s towers only to have Flora surmise that it’s a female, then taunts it about going after it’s young and criticaling it in the head. It flies off to lick it’s wounds and the group decides to press on and try themselves against the guns below, that being their primary objective (and some worrying that the “International group for the Protection Of Dragons will come down on them if they try for the mamma again.)

They manage, after some strategize, to take down the final robots and then are ordered to return to the helicopter. Just as they get to the pick up point a mean looking black helicopter comes from out of nowhere and fires missiles at the aircraft. The group just narrowly makes it out of the blast radius only to be hit hard by missiles of their own. A voice, heavily accented, announces over their earpieces that if they give up Flora, they will be let alive, Flora immediately complies, and after some tried persuading to stay, leaves with great sadness.

The group is picked up by rescue workers, but until three days pass, and are air lifted back to the Trust headquarters. It turns out the whole mission was a trap for Flora.

The game ends with Flora on a table, parts of her body removed and wires to and from everywhere. Her movement has been taken off line and a voice, familiar to the one over the intercom when the group first fought together to take down Nick’s robots, says some creepy things before she is put offline again.

Game 6

Waking up refreshed, except Chris who stayed asleep and grumpy, the Trust finishes looking around and send Flora down the final unsearched hole. As she descends it’s noted that the walls of the hole are covered in ice. Lower and lower she goes… only to end up in front of a giant set of gleaming teeth. They hoist her back up quick as a whip and following hot on her heels is a mature ice dragon.

And it ain’t friendly.

Battle commences and the group fairs rather well against such a deadly foe.

Game 5

After defeating the robots up-top, the gang head downwards only to find themselves pinned down by so wicked gattling fire from a very dark hall. They decide to head back up and look around more before trying their luck with the robot below. After getting the layout of the place they head to the centre building to find an old and run down lab. Just before camping for the night) getting supplies via Elizabeth’s silver chest of transference) they hear a mysterious and very unsettling roar on the wind.

Game 4

The group receive the mission to head to the Magnetic North Pole to investigate an abandoned Canadian research lab that has been taken over by sophisticated Russian robots.

Upon searching the crumbling structure they encounter some very sphere-like robots and fighting ensues.*

Game 3

...continuing from last game, the group finally devises a tactic which includes besting the flaming skeleton first to finally stop the resurrection of zombies. After that it was child’s play and the rest fell without much incident. Chris took a licking but kept on ticking, even though he was beset with flesh eaters. The group collect the spoils of their battle which include bones of no consequence, and also a full human skeleton that had magical runes on just about every one of them.

Back up they went, finally getting in touch with Dr. Fisher again when their Bluetooth was in range, and he let them know the heat signature was now gone. Flora briefs the clean up crew and they set to work.

Back at the Trust, Jack escapes for a booty call, and the rest return to the good Doc to brief/be briefed. Much research was done by the girls. Elizabeth went on a date with Nickolas Bailey.

Game 2

Previous to game…

Upon seeing Jack and Flora’s fight, Anna wonders how she would fair against Jack. Turns out she kicks his ass. Jack is much less gracious than he was when he won against the robot.

A few weeks later…

The group meets again to be briefed on what will be their first mission as a group. Dr. Fisher informs them about the The Sunrise Propane Explosion, which occured a few months back. Though it was highly broadcast, no one knows about the true explanation for the catastrophe. A powerful Necromancer by the name of Dalibor Slavko was attempting to raise the whole of the Mt. Sinai cemetery into an undead army, but was foiled by a wizard that the Fisher Trust took on loan from Europe. She was able to harness the power of fire with the cooperation of the propane compound and incinerated Dalibor. Now, from space satellites, Dr. Fisher has been informed that there is an unusual heat signature originating from the site that seems to be metaphysical in nature. There have also been a reported number of disappearances in the area as well.

The group rest for the day and arrive at the compound late into the night, Christopher and Jack with brand new guns. After searching around some, Jack discovers a hole in the ground and descends, almost landing on what he thinks is a corpse before it runs off and dives into a second hole. The group follows him, with Dr. Fisher in their ears in the form of bluetooth headsets, and as they go down further they end up fighting a contingent of 6 undead creatures, but dispatch them easily. After discovering a pile of bones of what they think belong to the people on the missing persons report, down and down they go to a series of catacombs deep within the earth, the air becoming stifling with heat. As they round one of the corners they are confronted by an undead with a sledgehammer. When they try to attack him, he sets off a trap which gets Flora, Jack and Elizabeth before they are able to retreat down another branch of cavern. Trapped now, they search around more before finding the source of the heat signature, which turns out to be a demonic-looking skeleton creature wrapped in flames and surrounded by 4 undead guards.

A fight breaks out, 6 more undead falling from the roof like spiders and the supernals battle for their lives again the rotting foes.

Game 1

It’s the start of a new semester at U of T, and frosh week no less. Dr. Anna and Flora are hard at work, brightening the young minds in the anthropology dept. Christopher is anxiously awaiting his initiation into the Fisher Trust. Jack Reeves is partying it up on campus.

And Elizabeth Brighton has just returned from a 60 year, unplanned trip to the far reaches of… somewhere. She is pulled back by Dr. Fisher who must set to the task of telling her that the life she once knew is dead, she has 60 years of catching up to do, and her would-be-fiancee is now in an insane asylum where upon seeing her again after being catatonic for who knows how long, starts to scream enough to wake the dead.

Skip to a week later deep in the subterranean compound of the Fisher Trust. The five are meeting for the first time as a group:

Dr. Anna “Analog” Venus – A Professor at U of T, a woman-turned-cloud-of-nanites, and the groups eye candy to boot.

Jack Reeves – Nearly taken by the Chinese government for a reason unknown to the group yet, Jack is saved by the Canadian government in return for his indentured servant role to the Fisher Trust.

Elizabeth Brighton – Sucked into an unknown dimension in the 1950s during an experiment, Elizabeth is back from the past only to find the world she left is not at all what it once was.

Christopher Benedict – Christopher is excited to finally be a member of this secret government agency, even if it is because they have no one of age to fill the role. People underestimate him, but he’s got a thing or two to show the adults.

F.l.o.r.a. – Flora was sad with the loss of her previous team members and is looking forward to being a member of a collective of supernals once more.

Thomas Fisher arrives and briefs the team up on what is to be expected of them, then calls Nickolas Bailey to have them run through some combat exercises to see what they’re made of. It seems Nickolas has built some new ‘constructs’ (ie. killbots) and is eager to test them out. Unfortunately for him the group makes short and easy work out of them. During the match we see Dr. Venus’ terrifying nanites, Elizabeth’s dark energies, Jack yell like a Bruce Lee movie, Christopher’s ‘guardian’, and Flora’s spiffy light sabre.

Conversations about Hairstyling, what makes a good movie, and a match between Jack and Flora take place. The girls go shopping and then to Flora’s for some girly time, while Jack and Christopher are too busy fist bumping.

Jack and Flora fight, and to Nickolas’ pocketbooks dismay, Jack bests the robot.

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