Professor Mikhail Sidorov

The Scientist that created F.l.o.r.a.


Mikhail Sidorov was born to a poor farming family outside of Moscow in 1947. Struggling most of his life to get a proper education and to keep food on his plate, his luck turned upwards when discovered by his mentor, Dr. Igor Nikitin, a lead researcher in weaponry and engineering at the University of Moscow. With hardship and perseverance, Mikhail’s innate brilliance in engineering shone through and he landed a job with the Komitjet Gosudarstvjennoj Bjezopasnosti at an unprecedented young age. Though he blessed his good fortune to provide food for his starving family, Mikhail could not stomach his research being used for the production of weaponry, and in 1973 was granted asylum by the US government who saw in him the potential for greatness.

Professor Sidorov was employed dually by the US Government and MIT to produce new technologies to further their standings, but he disappeared and was presumed dead after a fire engulfed his lab in the MIT campus in 1990.

Professor Mikhail Sidorov

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