Nickolas Bailey


Nickolas Bailey graduated with a PHD in Robotics from the University of British Columbia in 2004, and immediately received placement at Vancouver Robotics Ltd. that same year. In his mundane life he enjoys playing recreational soccer and sudoku.

In secret, he was a member of The Robson Trust, a supernal investigations sister group to The Fisher Trust. There he provided numerous services from weapon maintenance to robotics engineering. He met F.l.o.r.a. in 2005 after she developed a virus that was attacking her central processor.

Later that year, he transferred to The Fisher Trust and left BC for his native Toronto with F.l.o.r.a.. He holds a day job at the Robotics and Automation Laboratory at the University of Toronto.

As a child he spent years perfecting mundane magic tricks with cards, coins, and silk hankerchiefs. He even made a live rabbit disappear… once. He’s never been able to figure out just where it went.

Nickolas Bailey

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