Elizabeth Brighton

Elizabeth is a grad student who is quite passionate about history and specializes in astronomy, ancient religions and burial rites.


Level: 11 Class: Warlock PPath: Doomsayer Race: Human Size: Medium Age: 23 Gender: F Height: 5’5” Weight: 135lbs Alignment: Undecided

Passive Insight


Passive Perception


Hit Points


Ability Scores

Str (9), Con (18), Dex (10), Int (19), Wis (11), Cha (18)

Trained Skills

Arcana (14), History (14), Insight (13), Intimidate (14), Religion (14)


Action Surge, Human Perserverance, Improved Initiative, Linguist (English, French, Russian, Hungarian, Unknown), Ritual Caster, Skill Focus (Insight), Combat Anticipation, Fleet Footed

* At-Will Powers

Eyebite, Eldritch Blast, Dire Radiance

Encounter Powers

Dreadful Word, Frigid Darkness, Sign of Ill Omen, Fates Entwined

Daily Powers

Dread Star, Hungar of Hadar, Summons of Khirad

Utility Powers

Ethereal Stride, Fey Switch, Shadow Form


Leomunds Secret Chest

Magic Items

Rod of 1st Blood (+3), Bloodthread Armour (+2), Safewing Amulet (+2), Bag of Holding

Coins and Other Wealth*

Salaried at $50,000 annually with The Fisher Trust


Born: 1935 Age: 23

Father: Charles Brighton – Physicist

Mother: Nancy Brighton – Jazz Singer

Defining Quote: “I believe fervently in the existance of Gods… I just don’t worship them.”

More specifically Elizabeth is an Archaeoastronamer.

Elizabeth was born in Albany, New York shortly before World War II. She was the third and youngest child in her family. Her father was a physicist at Harvard – and was recruited for the war. Mum was a jazz singer turned factory worker during the war. Elizabeth diligently knitted hats, socks and mittens for her brothers overseas. Neither of them came home from the war.

Charles Brighton was approached by the government in regards to his field of study and recruited for The Manhatten Project by The Military. When ‘Little Boy’ was dropped he was horrified by the destruction and suffering he helped to bring about. He left the project soon afterward against The Militaries wishes. Not long afterwards Elizabeths mother died in a freak car accident in which the car blew up. Charles fled the states with his daughter to Canada and changed citizenship in 1946 (Liz was 11) where he gained employment at the University of Toronto. Game Note: the US gov’t was unhappy about losing one of their formost physicists to Canada.

With only her father left Elizabeth grew up steeped in academia. Her grief over losing her brothers and mother left her a silent child and she spent hours staring up into the night sky and pouring over the books of the Universities’ library. She excelled in high school and her father and his colleages doted on the serious young girl with stars in her eyes.

One night upon entering their townhome after a long day at school someone tried to kill her father and a cold and brilliant power surged through her. A shaft of light lanced down from above and the assassin was no more.

The next day Charles was approached by Thomas Fisher who cleaned things up, offered him a job and made sure no more attempts would be made on his new employees life. The young Elizabeth was privately tutored from that point on and began focusing on learning how to control her newfound power.

In the summer of 48’ a young William Fisher (Thomas’ grandson) came home from boarding school and she and William became fast friends. Years later he asked her to marry him and she joyfully accepted.

Two weeks before the wedding (summer 1958) Elizabeth was aiding one of Thomas Fishers’ assistants with a project of some kind when something went wrong. Elizabeth disapeared in a shaft of white fire and her fiancee’s grandfather promised he would find a way to get her back.

Fifty or so years later… he fulfilled his promise.

Random Stuff to be later ordered:

Items William had put into storage upon her disappearance:

a) 1954 gold coloured Fiat b) Clothing and personal affects c) Many books mostly pertaining to astronomy, burial rites, religous rites and history books. There are quite a few regarding myths and legends as well.

Thomas saved some of her fathers personal affects for her when he passed away always believing he’d find a way to get her back someday. The following items belonged to her father:

a) Turn of the century pocket watch. b) Bag of holding c) His pipe d) Old tweed jacket with leather arm patches

Elizabeth Brighton

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