Jack Reeves

The Kung-Fu Master of Disaster


Using Ranger Class.


Since time immemorial, the Water Snake Clan has protected the “Scroll of Ten Thousand Masters”. This scroll is said to give the reader an inhuman mastery of Kung-Fu, a mastery that will only increase with time.

Because of the incredible power that the scroll can provide, the Water Snake Clan makes sure that only the most worthy warriors ever have the opportunity to read it. A warrior who displays the incredible skill and wisdom to use the techniques of the Scroll, usually only arises once in every ten generations.

Of all of the foes that the Water Snake Clan protects the Scroll from, the most dangerous is the Shadow Hand Temple. Since the Water Snake Clan first banded together to protect the scroll, the Shadow Hand Temple has warred against the clan both openly and in secret in an attempt to possess the scroll.

Four years ago agents of the Shadow Hand finally stormed the secret stronghold of the Water Snake Clan. Desperate to prevent the scroll from falling into the hands of their ancient foe, a lone acolyte was given the scroll and slipped out of the burning stronghold to attempt to hide with it in the wider world.

For years the acolyte managed to stay ahead of the assassins that the Shadow Hand Temple sent to retrieve the scroll. Inevitably though, his long flight came to an end.

Jack Reeves was a lackadaisical grad student just barely holding on to his bursary as a U of T grad student. While working at his job at a local bar, Jack was startled when a haggard looking man staggered up to the bar.

“Get the scroll to… Fisher! You must not… read it,” the man gasped out. With his dying breath the man pushed a scroll-case with a broken lock across the table, then collapsed, revealing a shuriken buried in his neck.

Jack grabbed the scroll-case and fled the bar, unwilling to disobey the man’s dying wish but fearful of whomever murdered him. Reaching the safety of his apartment, Jack tried to figure out what to do. He had no idea who this ‘Fisher’ was and feared the mysterious man’s assailants could be upon him at any moment.

Thinking the scroll might have some clue as to Fisher’s identity (and more then a little curious), Jack slid it out of the broken case and began to read.

The scroll instantly bestowed it’s mighty gift on the unworthy young man. The knowledge came just in time, because even as Jack marveled at his new sense of power, Shadow Hand ninjas burst through the doors and windows.

Jack used his new found knowledge of the art of Kung-Fu to defeat the hapless Ninjas who never suspected that any ally of the Water Snake clan would commit the blasphemy of reading the scroll uninvited.

Standing over the bodies of his defeated foes, Jake looked at the now blank scroll and discerned one of its many secrets. Once someone has read the scroll, the knowledge it contained is theirs and theirs alone until they either achieve enlightenment and leave the mundane plain of existence… or die.

Now confident that he could deal with any immediate physical threat, Jake took a little more time to try to determine who this ‘Fisher’ was that the mysterious man was talking about. Discovering that his university had a Library that specialized in rare books named ‘The Thomas Fisher Library’, Jack felt confident that this was the ‘Fisher’ that the dead man spoke of. Jack UPS’d the book to the library and considered his duty done.

He then immediately started looking for ways to put his new found abilities to use. Discovering a lucrative no-holds-barred tournament that took place far offshore on an independent cruise ship, Jack booked a fight.

A year later Jack was undefeated in every tournament he enrolled in, and attracting attention. The Shadow Hand Temple was sending more and more assassins after him and The WMA had identified Jack as an unregistered Supernal.

Jack was contacted by the ‘Fisher Trust’ and had the reality of his situation explained to him. Once Jack understood that significant and unpleasant pressure could be put on him if he refused to cooperate, Jack agreed to enroll in the ‘Fisher Trust’.

Jack Reeves

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