Robot daughter of a Russian Scientist, Super Soldier, 30's Housewife


F.l.o.r.a. – Front. Line. Operations. Reconnaissance. and Assault.

New techniques, revolutionising the production and programming of A.I., were formulated deep within the bowels of MIT through the dates of August 1985 and December 1990. F.l.o.r.a. was created with government assistance by Professor Mikhail Sidorov as a new form of weapon for use in the Gulf War. It was their objective to mass produce a line of robots, a new breed of super soldiers, that could replace humans in the oil fields of Kuwait where casualties were high and living conditions poor. These pursuits were, of course, unknown to Professor Mikhail Sidorov, who in creating his masterpiece ended up falling in love with it like it was his own child. F.l.o.r.a. grew to love her surrogate father in return, discovering the world through him as he taught her art, literature, science, anthropology and history with the hunger of a child and the discipline of a mature adult.

Finally, one day learning of the true purpose of the his new mechanical daughter, his F.l.o.r.a., the Professor rebelled against his contributors destroying his precious research and any traces that F.l.o.r.a. Ever existed. Knowing his fate for this treasonous act, he sent his daughter away so she would never be used as the weapon she was meant. Unbeknown to him, his research assistants, who were much more loyal to the cause, had begun installing the program and hardware within her, codenamed “Seek and Destroy”, that gave her the capacity to utilise her body as the weapon it was meant to be. Electronic impulses from her central processor allow F.l.o.r.a. to extract weapons from storage units in her legs and arms and use them with deadly force. Still, she learned morals and a respect for human life from her Professor father and will draw them only in defence of that cause.

After leaving MIT, F.l.o.r.a fled to Vancouver and took the guise of Flora McPhee, privately tutoring in a Montessori school and some home schooling in the subjects of history, science and english. After a malfunction in her programming that would mean irrevocable damage to her body, she indulged her secret to a 28 year old robotics engineer by the name of Nickolas Bailey, of Vancouver Robotics Ltd. He promised to keep her secret because Nickolas was a mundane member of The Robson Trust, the Fisher Trust equivalent on the west coast. He brought her before their sect, where she was trained and utilised to keep the peace between mortals and any supernal threat. It was clear that she had little to do for them though, since their numbers were large, that when the call came from Toronto she was happy to go. Nickolas Bailey moved with her to Ontario to ensure she was maintained to her peak operation specs. F.l.or.a. has been a member of the Fisher Trust for some 4 years now, and has grown quite fond of the Doctor and his… odd ways.

Her personality is pleasant and she genuinely likes being around people, whom she finds fascinating. Any free time she has, mostly when plugged into an outlet at night, she spends watching old movies from Musicals to Romance. She finds action movies to be dull and mostly unresearched, unless they have a romantic sub-plot. She is currently Tivo-ing upwards of five different Soap Operas, all of which she follows religiously and has an invested interest in their characters. The unique learning software that was installed in her by Professor Mikhail Sidorov, entails her to learn much as a human would, from experience, and because she’s has years of study in academics and combat she understands them well whereas human emotions like love and affection she sorely lacks but is trying very hard to grasp. Embarrassingly, she often goes to bars to “pick up” men, but finds herself having no idea what to do with them after. She always ends up going home alone at night to her apartment with romantic pink walls, a breakfast nook (which has only been utilised as desk space), frilly lace curtains and an impressive Blu-ray collection.

Her dream is to one day settle down with an attentive husband, have 2.5 children and a house with a white picket fence just like in the movies. She is determined in her pursuit of her fairytale happy ending.

....she’s also been told she’s a terrible person to see a comedy with.


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