Christopher Benedict

Mr. C, God of War


Mortal descendant of the Hindu war god Shanmukha, Christopher stands poised with the potential to follow in his divine ancestor’s footsteps and to embark on a legendary journey to inspire man, lead armies and shape the very world itself. There is just one problem. He’s still ten.

Christopher was born in New Delhi, India. The DHSH (Department of Social and Health Services) could not identify and further members of Christopher’s family so the young boy was raised in an orphanage. Christopher appeared to be a visibly a normal kid, who enjoyed playing kick ball, hated school and loved sweets. He was well looked after in the orphanage and got along well with the other children.

When Christopher was nine, he mysteriously vanished from the orphanage. The local police and other child services groups searched for the boy, but he was no where to be found. He was declared missing by Indian Authorities and has not been seen since.

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Christopher Benedict

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