Inu no Anzu

A gentle giant, genetically engineered to be the world's first super-dog.


Goliath Warden.


Named “Anzu” by one of the genetic engineers involved in creating this unique creature due to his furless appearance at a young age, this super-dog no longer appears anything like an apricot. Since then he has become the world’s largest dog, weighing in at 360 pounds, 7 feet, 8 inches from nose to tail. He has a thick coat of black fur with white accents on top of a very muscular frame, making him appear even larger than he already is.

Anzu is the result of genetically “splicing” in a multitude of animal and metabiological DNA in order to create “the perfect warrior”. The purpose of the experiment was to determine how feasible this new technique, developed by cutting edge metabiologists in Japan, was by testing it on an Akita’s foetus. He was an overwhelming success, however, since then the lab has been unable to duplicate this success in a human. For now, he is the only result of what many people believe to be a monstrous procedure that will only ever create abominations.

Like most dogs, poor Anzu just wants to help people any way he can.

Inu no Anzu

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