The Fisher Trust

Previous to game…

Upon seeing Jack and Flora’s fight, Anna wonders how she would fair against Jack. Turns out she kicks his ass. Jack is much less gracious than he was when he won against the robot.

A few weeks later…

The group meets again to be briefed on what will be their first mission as a group. Dr. Fisher informs them about the The Sunrise Propane Explosion, which occured a few months back. Though it was highly broadcast, no one knows about the true explanation for the catastrophe. A powerful Necromancer by the name of Dalibor Slavko was attempting to raise the whole of the Mt. Sinai cemetery into an undead army, but was foiled by a wizard that the Fisher Trust took on loan from Europe. She was able to harness the power of fire with the cooperation of the propane compound and incinerated Dalibor. Now, from space satellites, Dr. Fisher has been informed that there is an unusual heat signature originating from the site that seems to be metaphysical in nature. There have also been a reported number of disappearances in the area as well.

The group rest for the day and arrive at the compound late into the night, Christopher and Jack with brand new guns. After searching around some, Jack discovers a hole in the ground and descends, almost landing on what he thinks is a corpse before it runs off and dives into a second hole. The group follows him, with Dr. Fisher in their ears in the form of bluetooth headsets, and as they go down further they end up fighting a contingent of 6 undead creatures, but dispatch them easily. After discovering a pile of bones of what they think belong to the people on the missing persons report, down and down they go to a series of catacombs deep within the earth, the air becoming stifling with heat. As they round one of the corners they are confronted by an undead with a sledgehammer. When they try to attack him, he sets off a trap which gets Flora, Jack and Elizabeth before they are able to retreat down another branch of cavern. Trapped now, they search around more before finding the source of the heat signature, which turns out to be a demonic-looking skeleton creature wrapped in flames and surrounded by 4 undead guards.

A fight breaks out, 6 more undead falling from the roof like spiders and the supernals battle for their lives again the rotting foes.


Myrthful artisticblur

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