The Fisher Trust

It’s the start of a new semester at U of T, and frosh week no less. Dr. Anna and Flora are hard at work, brightening the young minds in the anthropology dept. Christopher is anxiously awaiting his initiation into the Fisher Trust. Jack Reeves is partying it up on campus.

And Elizabeth Brighton has just returned from a 60 year, unplanned trip to the far reaches of… somewhere. She is pulled back by Dr. Fisher who must set to the task of telling her that the life she once knew is dead, she has 60 years of catching up to do, and her would-be-fiancee is now in an insane asylum where upon seeing her again after being catatonic for who knows how long, starts to scream enough to wake the dead.

Skip to a week later deep in the subterranean compound of the Fisher Trust. The five are meeting for the first time as a group:

Dr. Anna “Analog” Venus – A Professor at U of T, a woman-turned-cloud-of-nanites, and the groups eye candy to boot.

Jack Reeves – Nearly taken by the Chinese government for a reason unknown to the group yet, Jack is saved by the Canadian government in return for his indentured servant role to the Fisher Trust.

Elizabeth Brighton – Sucked into an unknown dimension in the 1950s during an experiment, Elizabeth is back from the past only to find the world she left is not at all what it once was.

Christopher Benedict – Christopher is excited to finally be a member of this secret government agency, even if it is because they have no one of age to fill the role. People underestimate him, but he’s got a thing or two to show the adults.

F.l.o.r.a. – Flora was sad with the loss of her previous team members and is looking forward to being a member of a collective of supernals once more.

Thomas Fisher arrives and briefs the team up on what is to be expected of them, then calls Nickolas Bailey to have them run through some combat exercises to see what they’re made of. It seems Nickolas has built some new ‘constructs’ (ie. killbots) and is eager to test them out. Unfortunately for him the group makes short and easy work out of them. During the match we see Dr. Venus’ terrifying nanites, Elizabeth’s dark energies, Jack yell like a Bruce Lee movie, Christopher’s ‘guardian’, and Flora’s spiffy light sabre.

Conversations about Hairstyling, what makes a good movie, and a match between Jack and Flora take place. The girls go shopping and then to Flora’s for some girly time, while Jack and Christopher are too busy fist bumping.

Jack and Flora fight, and to Nickolas’ pocketbooks dismay, Jack bests the robot.


Myrthful artisticblur

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