The Fisher Trust

The Dragon flies just out of reach and lands on one of the compound’s towers only to have Flora surmise that it’s a female, then taunts it about going after it’s young and criticaling it in the head. It flies off to lick it’s wounds and the group decides to press on and try themselves against the guns below, that being their primary objective (and some worrying that the “International group for the Protection Of Dragons will come down on them if they try for the mamma again.)

They manage, after some strategize, to take down the final robots and then are ordered to return to the helicopter. Just as they get to the pick up point a mean looking black helicopter comes from out of nowhere and fires missiles at the aircraft. The group just narrowly makes it out of the blast radius only to be hit hard by missiles of their own. A voice, heavily accented, announces over their earpieces that if they give up Flora, they will be let alive, Flora immediately complies, and after some tried persuading to stay, leaves with great sadness.

The group is picked up by rescue workers, but until three days pass, and are air lifted back to the Trust headquarters. It turns out the whole mission was a trap for Flora.

The game ends with Flora on a table, parts of her body removed and wires to and from everywhere. Her movement has been taken off line and a voice, familiar to the one over the intercom when the group first fought together to take down Nick’s robots, says some creepy things before she is put offline again.


Myrthful artisticblur

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