The Fisher Trust

The group are on an air plane set to the island of Japan and are bored. Very bored. It turns out they have been commissioned by the Japanese Spiritual Society to help them with a problem of supernal nature. Dr. Anna “Analog” Venus has been loaned out to another Trust to work on the intelligence gathering needed to find the location of F.l.o.r.a., and is not in attendance of the group. After a 16 hour trip across the ocean, they finally land at the Narita airport.

Jack is sure that people are after him and disguises himself as a pervert, but it draws attention rather than making him inconspicuous. The airport is full of large screens blaring commercials and music at them, including a poppy mix by a young woman. While getting their luggage they are greeted by a high pitched voice from across the terminal. A young woman, dressed in full schoolgirl uniform introduces herself as Mei, and says she is here to pick them up along with Content Not Found: hiroshi, a GIANT dog named Inu no Anzu, and a standoffish woman named ‘Utau’.

They are taken to the society’s center, which is a lot more high-tech than their Canadian friends, and are greeted by the JSS’s head, Ms. Mara (wherein there is some debate if she is a womanly man, or a manly woman). She tells the group that they have been hired to help them locate the head Priest of a local temple and his daughter ‘Yuki’ who have been kidnapped from the Hoono-ji temple. Not only that, but they have to take care as there has been a rash of Japanese spirit who have been showing themselves (against the code of the JSS) in public. They are then taken to their hotel and told they will be woken up by Mei and Hiroshi in the morning.


Myrthful artisticblur

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