The Fisher Trust

Game 3

...continuing from last game, the group finally devises a tactic which includes besting the flaming skeleton first to finally stop the resurrection of zombies. After that it was child’s play and the rest fell without much incident. Chris took a licking but kept on ticking, even though he was beset with flesh eaters. The group collect the spoils of their battle which include bones of no consequence, and also a full human skeleton that had magical runes on just about every one of them.

Back up they went, finally getting in touch with Dr. Fisher again when their Bluetooth was in range, and he let them know the heat signature was now gone. Flora briefs the clean up crew and they set to work.

Back at the Trust, Jack escapes for a booty call, and the rest return to the good Doc to brief/be briefed. Much research was done by the girls. Elizabeth went on a date with Nickolas Bailey.


Myrthful Myrthful

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